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johnfarnworth - (3/26/2013 4:48:45 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive
Joe, Drew, Gary, JB,

Not sure what all the fuss is about really.  It was simply a coincidental demonstration of the versatility, power, climbing ability and traction of an industrial GP.

There was no petrol in the tank and I wanted to move it in the shed.  So I hitched my MF 165 to it with a steel pole and started to pull it along backwards.  By misfortune I had left it in gear and it fired up running on what petrol was left in the carburettor.  It was so strong that the 165 wouldn't hold it and I got slowly pushed along.  It veered off to one side and climbed up the wheel of the 12-20 at which point the petrol in the carburettor ran out.  Hardly any damage to either - the GP wheel just caught the 12-20 radiator shroud and bonnet a bit but only 10 minutes or so to straighetn them out.

All in all a very enlightening and eductational experience which I had the privelege of witnessing from high up on the 165.  I was astonished at its pushing and climbing power.  But there again these industrials are weighted down with cast center wheels which must weigh at least 600 lbs each.  This particular tractor is a superb starter so that was proven too.

A unique and pleasurable - and lucky! - experience.  It is the only GP industrial known to have performed such a feat.  I can see why they were used on shunting tasks.

I bought this GP from Ken Reichert's sale in Ontario a few years ago.  It had had a distinguished history at the Tornto Maple Leaf Ice Hockey club where it was sold new to in 1933 by Purc McMaster (of book fame) and who only died a very few years ago at over 100 years old.  It is one of only two known surviving industrial GPs with a 50 inch tread.  It is different to the agricultural GPs in that it was only ever sold on rubbers and the tread is measured on these.  On agricultural tractors the tread ratings are always on steel wheels and do not apply if rubber wheels are fitted - they are then wider.
However beware some agriculturals have been fitted with these cast center wheels and are often considered to be industrials.  They are not - always look at the serial number plate for the track width designation.  Also the industrials have front hitch points for snow ploughs etc which are not present on agriculturals.