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johnfarnworth - (3/27/2013 8:50:01 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive

There really is only one way to sort all this out - you just have to get your little book out or some freshly printed $$s and get hold of that tractor!!!  SOONEST!!

Are these two types of housings/brackets listed in the parts books?

You say the ohv version was "improved".  As far as I can see the specs are much the same except for the engines.  What's your view on this?  Must admit I haven't critically compared castings etc on my sv and ohv.  But engine powers are probably about the same.  I did note whilst compiling the article that the ohv has a slightly longer wheelbase and was of course additionally offered as a 56 inch track.

Still snowing here ............