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JoePoncelet - (4/3/2013 2:37:10 PM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive

Looking at this pictue just sparked my memory of something I was always going to try to see if it was even possible...

About 2 years ago I stopped into the old Local Massey Dealership in Redwing, MN it had dropped the Massey line back in the 80s and is now a chainsaw and small engine shop. The owner Lavern Fanslow was there sitting there in his Lazy Boy chair and we were reminiscing about old Masseys. I got on the subject of the Massey Harris GPs and he started laughing and told me he knew very little about them as he did not start selling Masseys until the 50s.

He did however tell me the one thing that really stuck in his mind was when he was a very young boy his dad took him to the Goodhue County Fair and they were demonstrating the new Massey Harris GP and it's great flexibility.

The man demonstrating it took 2 full Coca Cola bottles and placed one under the right front steel lug and the other under the left rear steel lug standing them in the upright posistion then got on the tractor and drove it ahead about a foot and the tractor climbed up the bottles and he stopped the tractor at just the right time and it was possed just as your picture looks except it was standing on top of Coca Cola bottles.

At first I laughed and said NO way but he assured me he was not Bsing me and it really happened and that is why he remembered it so well...

Lavern passed away about a year ago but at that time he told me this story he also said that the man who was demonstrating the GP was selling them out of a blacksmith shop just down the road about 1 mile and he thought the barn was still there. There were 3 barns still there but I don't know what one he was referring to, they have Goats in them now.

I got to thinking this could be very possible to do but I have never tried it yet and I bet I would break a couple cases of bottles trying to master this trick.

What do you think??? Fact Or FIction?? I guess we will have to try it someday...