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johnfarnworth - (4/7/2013 3:56:04 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive

It's not a joke to suggest getting sponsorship from Coca Cola for the GP bottle balancing act.  You should also consider AGCO because:-

I have just read that  AGCO are to be the main sponsors of three MF 5600 series tractors to go to the south pole in 2014.  This will emulate the epic trip to the south pole by Sir Edmund Hilary using three grey Ferguson tractors from the UK in 1958.  The lead drive will apparently be a Dutch lady explorer Marion Ossevoort known as Tractor Girl.

But what a SOFT trip it will be in HEATED cabs etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!!  It will be interesting to read of the comparative performances of the old and new

So there you have it Joe - get you sponsorship application in jointly to Coca Cola and MF/AGCO.