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johnfarnworth - (4/12/2013 9:23:47 AM)
RE:Massey Harris General Purpose Four Wheel Drive
I was going through my photo archives this afternoon looking for shots of various Wallis and M-H tractors for the Dutch MF distributor who are restoring an MH 25 for their summer show.

Anyway I came across shots of that strange GP that was out in the yard at the Dome Valley auction in 2007.  A lot of us stood around pulling our whiskers and wondering what was the significance of the spacer box in that machine.  Has anyone since come up with any clues?  It looked to be so, so original MH but was it?

Then I came across a shot of its serial number plate.  That too is odd.  No number on it to indicate the track width but IND stamped in it.  Has thinking developed on this?  Can anyone recall what track width it was?

Then there are those odd wheels - original MH or after market. 

We need some thinking on all this to get matters straight!!

Photos below