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JoePoncelet - (4/12/2013 7:32:39 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

My numbers do not match on my wide front Cub jr. nor do any of the other Cub jr wide front tractors as far as we know so far although we don't know what the one in the museum is yet.

I may be way off but for some reason I am wondering if these Wide front Cub jrs weren't some kind of a prototype test machine?? As of now I don't have any proof on anything like this but there has to be a reason they picked that perticular tractor to donate to the Smithonian Museum. Also if you look at the pictures of the one in the Museum it appears to be very well worn out like it went on a marathon several times then went into the nursing home.

Funny thing is with my tractor I got the book for it 2 years before I got the tractor!!  I bought this book on ebay and on one of the pages it says My Tractor 13297 then a word I can't make out, I think is a name of someone then # 12635. The 12635 does not match my engine # 12664 but maybe engine # 12635 died while running the marathon??

I cleaned the serial number down to the clean cast so it is very visable on my engine and then shot it with clear coat to seal it and keep it from rusting. This may look a bit tacky to some people but at least if I go to a show with it I don't have to worry about someone taking out their jacknife and ruining my numbers so I can't read them.....

Here is a picture of my numbers and the book for the tractor.