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Tseaberg - (4/15/2013 4:41:12 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Well I think we hae just about worked our way through all of the changes on the Cub JR. So I thought we would talk about the K for a while.
First change is pretty obvious but they used several different engine blocks. First is just plain on the side. second has Wallis cast into it but still has the non removable timing cover. And the last style has wallis cast onto it and a removable timing cover. There were several changes in the timing covers but I have not seen enough of them to know the difference! Maybe somebody out there will know.

The early ones with non removable timing cover I have been calling solid blocks and the newer removable timing cover split block so if I change what I call them thats why.

According to the parts book the first two styles of the solid blocks with and without the wallis name have the same part number and were used from the start up to #16186. so that would be the first 2186 K-3's and K's. part number is 9022A

The newer split block then started at 16187 and went up with a part number of #9028
Wallis used two different timing covers. First was used from #16187-#22768 with a part number of 7159A and the other one used from #22768 and up was #7182A.
I do not know the exact difference but I will do some more research.