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Tseaberg - (4/16/2013 6:33:02 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Graham and I were talking on the phone tonight and got talking about serial number tags so I thought I would put this on here.
The K serial number tag had several variations and locations throughout production.

The first was the hardest to find original for us untill joe found this one in NE. This early tag was mounted on the left side of the frame in a poor location leading to nearly all of them being lost. The serial number tag lined up almost perfect with a drive belt off the pulley and I am guessing almost all of them got ripped off by the belt. These were used on all of the solid block K's and a very few early split block k's, I have only seen one of them.

Next is an unusual tag for Wallis tractors as it is opposite when compared with other tags. these were use for very few tractors from about 17000-18000 I think. I have seen two styles of this tag both mounted on the front of the frame

And last is the most common tag used on the K's. These were also on the front of the frame.

I am still looking to find #17594, This was the K sold in Yuma and I have lost track of it since the sale,