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johnfarnworth - (6/22/2012 3:34:26 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

It must be the international monsoon season!  We've had over 7 in of rain this last week and it's still raining this morning - and cold with it.  Last night it was down to only 45F so on went the heating.

However no floods at my place - it just runs off to the river down below.  I hear Steve and Sandy have had it rough across there with structural damage and a local turkey farm compeletly flattened

Lots of shows cancelled this last weekend or two and I am certain there will be more tomorrow and Sunday.

A bit on the Wallis front - I managed to buy a manifold and carb set from up in Canada earlier in the year for my Wallis 20-30.  Been searching for 10 years or so for something decent.  Anyway it did need some attention but now it has been welded up as necessary and for the carb I had to have a new valve made - that heavy hinged brass one right down in the centre of it.  Any idea what it is for?  All the Kingston carbs have them but this is the first carb I have had where this was in a right old mess. 

Am now just waiting on a divertor valve for the exhaust from Ervin then I can get it all together later in the year