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JoePoncelet - (6/24/2012 6:27:35 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

Many years ago, I believe it was about 1998 I was at the swap meet in Waukee and I bought a brass Kingston for a Wallis 20-30. I was walking along and came across the owner of Branson Enterprizes and he noticed the carburetor in my hands, he asked if he could see it for a second so I handed it to him and he stuck his finger down the throat of it and wiggled it back and fourth. He said wow! you got a good one here the air valve is very tight.

He said this big brass piece on a hinge was called the air valve and many times it becomes wore from vibration so it will not seal properly on it's seat. He said if this valve is worn the tractor will still run good under load but you will never get it to idol right. I didn't have a clue if he was right or wrong at that time but I took his word for it as he has been arroung them many more years than i have.

I hate to be a bearer of bad news but It may be a long wait for your divertor valve as the man who casts them for Erv is in the process of moving. Not saying you won't get it but it may be a bit of a wait.

Now I got a early Wallis question for you, what do you think of these Bears? I got this Aluminum Bear on ebay about a year ago the man I got it from said it came from a garage sale about six blocks from the Wallis factory.

I truely believe it was an early prototype bear before the the Wallis name was added to the mold. It is so finely detailed with all the bear hair and creveses also it has very good patina wich would be consistant of a piece this old.

Here it is next to a cast bear, what do you think?