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johnfarnworth - (6/24/2012 11:17:39 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

That's interesting what you say about the Kingston carburettor air valve.  I just wonder has my green 25 got an exceptionally good one in it because it just idles so slow - you can more or less hear each piston firing - a delight to the ears but none of the other U frames I have will run this slow.

Haven't a clue about your Wallis bear but it's origins do suggest that it is genuine - and the patina adds to the theory as you say.

Am quite tired out awaiting my tea from the lady of my life.  Had a hard day in the shed with a couple of interesting tractor visitors who had just so many questions to ask over the last six hours or so!!!  I find visitors are a lot better value than going to shows these days - you don't get the tire kickers and mitherers, they are brimming with enthusiasm and interest and one has a chance to learn something from them.  This chap lives in France and he has a lot of interest in the French Fergusons and early MFs which is good.

Educating the grandsons in matters MH for the next four days but their favourite is the MF 165!!!!!!!