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JoePoncelet - (6/29/2012 12:28:29 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

I sent you a weeks worth of warm sunshine, Did you get it yet or did I not put enough postage stamps on it??

Working on the little 12-20 today and I came up with a very easy way to clean out the oil pan, you got to try this as you know how hard it is to get your hands in there to work.

First take out the oil pans this is done very easily with the two bolts holding them in this will make for alot more room and give you a chance to look for leaks in the pans and repair if needed. 

Then take a weed sprayer with a plastic nozel and wrap a small rag arround the end and wire it to it. Fill sprayer with gas and pump it up and start spraying inside the oil pan wile swishing it back and fourth like a little mop. This really works great as it will swish in the smallest of places, pull the trigger and add more gas as needed.

I cleaned the entire engine out with about two quarts of gas this is about 1/4th what my old method used with a paint brush. You can buy a cheap weed sprayer here for about $8-10.00  this is the same weed sprayer I use to soak my tractors with the 50/50 mix of oil and diesel so I already had the sprayer.

You gota try this it really works great!!