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JoePoncelet - (8/2/2012 2:41:09 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors

The Massey Harris 20-30 has alot of green paint on it yet, although it has been repainted at least once in its lifetime I believe it may have been green from the start because it has a Canadian Serial tag on it and was more than likely an export tractor and sold new in Canada.

The decals on the rear fenders are in the same location as the Wallis 20-30 Up about a foot from the bottom of the fender. The engine and top of the radiator under the hood was painted red just as the Wallis 20-30 I would swear the same guy painted these two tractors about 50 years ago as they match almost exactly in paint scheme. As you can see in the picture the decals have been replaced when the tractor was painted and are not lined up with the old ones. The Wallis 20-30 is Serial # 65639 and the Massey Harris 20-30 is Serial # 65841.

Painted tractors are nice but rusty tractors are easier to keep clean!!