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Tseaberg - (8/8/2012 5:32:49 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Hi John, According to the parts book those lugs (#4369LC #4369RC) were used on the OK's and early 20-30 / 15-27. I have seen a few Wallis with these lugs over the years but not many. They were a revised version of the older style single bolts Wallis lugs used on the Cub jr, K-3, K, and some OK's. The great feature of lugs like yours is they have a small lip that rolls over the edge of the wheel and keeps the lugs from spinning where the old style usually worked loose and spun if not taken care of leaving the round circles you usually see on early wallis wheels. Joe's OK picture earlier has the same style lugs.

Also on the PTO.  I guess I do not remember seeing other 15-27's with pto but it is possible to add a pto to any of the 15-27 if wanted from a normal 20-30.

Here is a picture of my Wallis pto setup. according to the parts book this would be optional for the cub Jr and K. Someday I want to get it mounted up. I have everything rebuilt, just need a brake drum like the orchard 15's and the chain shrouds. I guess I need another K to put it on.