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JoePoncelet - (11/4/2012 10:07:39 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
This thread looks a little slow so I thought I would give it a boost again.  I was at the local Tractor Supply Company store yesterday in Rochester and noticed that the Legacy Quarterly Magazine has made it into the big league now and is on the news stand there!! Congratulations Gary & Sue!!

The reason it cought my eye is because of the Wallis 20-30 owned by Tom and Cindy Jansen of Effingham, Illinois was on the cover and usually you don't see much for Wallis stuff on the cover of any magazine anywhere.

Then much to my surprise just several feet away was yet another picture of a Wallis 20-30 on the front page of the Vintage Tractors 2013 calendar by Brown trout publications Inc. On the front cover it has the Massey Harris name on the hood and in the backround on a people mover you can see it says Ol??? ACRES on the side but can't make it out also there is a Styled 25 with the yellow leter M in the picture. If you look in the picture for May it is the same picture as on the front cover but all this is wiped out to doll up the picture.

Does anyone reconize any of these tractors or where this picture was taken?? Is it one of our MCA members collection?? They don't look familar to me, but it looks like the owner has a nice looking collection of U Frames and quite possibly has many more??

This is one of the frusterating things about being a collector, You spend thousands of dollars putting a collection together and someone with a camera comes along and has you spend all day getting them out and lining them up for pictures then publishes a nice looking calendar that makes them all kinds of money and will not even give you cedit for owning them by publishing your name  under the picture. Just my thoughts, Whats yours??

If they would at least put a name or a location of where the picture was taken it could quite possibly lead collectors to a new best friend just as many of the shows we go to do, again Just my thoughts.