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DougCarlaw - (1/24/2013 10:10:04 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Joe - In your post regarding the Vinage Tractors 2013 calendar you were asking where the photo of the three Wallis/MH tactors were located. I was given this calendar by my kids at Christmas and right away recognised the site as Pioneer Acres in Irricana Alberta. Irricana is about 40 miles east and north of Calgary. We have been out to their reunion several times and they put on a good show. I see they are updating their web site and in the gallery section there is a Massey Harris section but no photos yet. Something to watch. I believe that most of the displayed items at Pioneer Acres are privately owned. Several collectors have their own buildings to house their tractors and trucks etc. The attached photo of the green Wallis in the parade of power was taken a few years ago. Enjoy, Doug