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JoePoncelet - (2/6/2013 7:33:44 AM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Very Cool sign John, Don't think we will ever see an original but one never knows. It is interesting to see the tractor was panted Cream and Black, Was this just to catch the eyes of the croud?? The tractor you posted with the bar on the front appears to be of lighter color could it aslo be Cream colored??

I aslo noticed it said the tractor was featured in the Royal Films so now we know there should be some more original film footage out there somewhere.

I do hope MCA members are at least Lurking at all this stuff we have been talking about in the different threads because if they are not they are really missing out on alot of very important details of the History of their hobby.

I just love it when you and Malcolm and others keep digging up stuff like this from your collections...It is very inspiring and helps keep the hobby alive.

I am sure everytime you dig in another box or pull something from your file cabenet it is just like opening a present you find things you didn't realize you had in there.

I am sure Malcolm is just chomping at the bit wanting to reply to some of these posts as for some reason he can't get signed in on here... Don't know what the problem is but we are trying to figure it out, so just hang in there Malcolm.

For those of you that can get on Don't be afraid to jump in here and post away....