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MasseyH - (2/9/2013 7:09:16 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Hi Graham

It is funny you posted the picture of the Fordson retrofitted with a starter.  I about got caught with a similar situation a couple years ago.  A friend of mine was wanting to sell his Autman Taylor 30-60.  It is a beautiful and $$$ tractor!!  I said I would love to have it but I have watched him start it with that long handle and I needed a button.

He invited me to step up on the tractor to see how easy it was to start!!  He had a small tank of gas and poured a little amount in the caps in front of the station.  Put on a smile. Pushed a button , pulled a lever and off it started!!!  I was totally surprised and he just laughed and told how to make out the check!!!  Of course, there were too many zeros for me to comprehend how to write a number that large!!

He had put a starter under the tractor with a hard rubber pulley mounted to it.  You pushed the button to activate the starter then pulled the lever to make the pulley contact the flywheel.  You could not see any of his art work just standing on the ground looking at the tractor.  It was a very nice setup!!