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JoePoncelet - (4/10/2013 3:19:44 PM)
RE:Wallis Tractors
Malcolm/John/and others:

I am sure this will not be a pour in gas, set mag, and give it a couple flops situation here by any means. Although this is a very good looking tractor in the pictures it has been sitting for about 50 years and will need the usual heart, lung and intestine exam. As you can see in the two pictures Tom posted, I first have to evict the roadents and their used furniture and bedding to get a good evaulation of what work there is to be done.

The crankcase has about 6 inches of nesting in it and the piston sleeves look quite rusty, I haven't pulled the valve cover to see what it looks like but judging from what I see in the bottom of the engine I am afraid to look.

The weather here is cold and wet so I am in no hurry to stand out there and get sick, so will have to wait.

Here are a couple pics I snapped through hand holes.