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johnfarnworth - (5/27/2012 1:25:04 AM)

I could not agree with you more!!!!  I have spent most of my life working in the deserts of the Middle East and I know exactly what you are saying.  Tho' I genuinely love deserts I would not swap them now for our 70 inches a year rainfall in N Wales.  I do have to say that the Arizona desert is one of the prettiest I have been in, the worst being the "Nejd" of Oman which is less attarctive than the moon!

Malcolm in an earlier post related how my orchard GP from Dome Valley started for him as soon as it came out of the container here, then when it got back to my place not long after the Arizona desert dust in the magneto had got damp and that was that!!

Now to get on to the Jerseys I had a large herd of these in Saudi Arabia along with a herd of Holstein Friesians.  I used to scoop the Jeresy cream off the bulk tank in the mornings to put on my Corn Flakes - so thick it actually fell on!.  Never to be forgotten!!!!  The Jerseys are a far superior animal in the heat.  Whilst the Friesians would almost stop breeding in the high summer the Jerseys just kept ticking over.  I've seen Holsteins in Arizona and it is pathetic the amount of pampering thay have to have in the summer heat to keep them going and breeding.

We are hoping to hear of great things from Joe at Baraboo on this cream business.