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JoePoncelet - (5/24/2012 11:06:39 AM)

I am guessing bad wiring or bad connections under the dash like just off the amp meter or on the switch.

If you have a digital volt meter you should hook it up to the power lead on the coil  it should read 6 or more volts with just the key on, once you push the starter button I am guessing your voltage drops to 3-4 volts that is why your tractor won't start.

When you hook the 12 volt battery up to your tractor it is much more forgiving as now there is twice the voltage. If you check the volt meter now with the 12 volt battery wile cranking I bet it is well over 8-10 volts at the coil power lead so you will get a great spark and the tractor fires right up.

Also you might want to check if the coil is hooked up backwards I was told by Dick Le Fever if it is hooked up backwards it will still work but it will take more power to run it and put out a weeker spark.

Dick had a display set up at one of the Pensylvania shows demonstrating what hapens if the coil is hooked up backwards it was very interesting.

Also you may want to try a different coil the one you have may be bad, sometimes they start to break down inside and take more power to fire.

Just a couple thoughts,