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JoePoncelet - (1/26/2014 8:17:02 PM)
It's been some time since there has been any talk about Magnetos, I've had no troubles with magnetos lately as it is too cold here to do much of anything but I did have an "ignition" problem a couple days ago here.

A couple days ago I was sitting in the house way in the back room on my computer and heard a very loud "bang". I didn't think much of it as my brother and nephew went to a gun show the day before and I figured they bought a new gun they were trying out in the junkyard, but usually when they go shooting in the yard there is many shots one right after another. I sat here thinking that was a bit unusual but soon forgot all about it.

A while later I went out to the shed to get the snow blower out and soon as I walked in the door of the shed I smelled rotten eggs. I knew immediately I forgot to take the battery charger off my air compressor  battery and figured it was being over charged. When I looked at the battery it was blown to bits and I soon figured it out that the large "Bang" I heard earlier was my battery blowing up... Amazingly enough the battery was so dry there was no acid left to blow all over everything in sight..

Gary, this is one more reason to own tractors and things with Magnetos and Cranks..