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JoePoncelet - (3/4/2012 4:06:26 PM)
RE:M-H Barn Equipment.

Endresult.........OK for me not making home made bread in over 35 years is just like pulling a hand crank tractor out of an old shed that has been sitting for 35 years. You may get lucky and put gas in it, pull the choke and crank it twice and it is up and running but you may also have to work at it a bit before you get the results you set out to achieve.

In the case of my bread makeing I think I got the basics down but need a bit of practice before opening up a bakery. Here are a couple pictures of my trial run, they appear a bit dark  and they are but this is Wheat flour used so it should be a bit dark but not this dark. Next time I am going to lower the tempeture about 50 degreese and maybe pull it out a couple minutes earlier.

I am smart enough to notice that three of the loaves collapsed on the top and the 4th one did a bit also, Is this from letting them rise too long?? Is there anyone out there that can give me some pointers on that problem??

The smell of cooking this is awesome and the taste of the crust is pretty good for being a little on the overdone side but the inside of the loaf is perfect.

If you click on the picture of the loaf that is cut it will get much bigger for you to see and if you put your nose up close to your computer screen you should be able to smell it..........

Here are some pics of it after it has risen then after it was done. I have learned alot from this expierence and will not gripe about the price of bread again now that I know how much work goes into it.