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JoePoncelet - (3/12/2012 9:09:29 PM)
RE:M-H Barn Equipment.

You will be happy to hear that the old # 3 has helped out the website!!!! The bread turned out great!! I made 6 loaves, one for sampleing and 5 to sell. Three of them went for $40.00 each one went for $45.00 and the other for $50.00 Plus the unused bag of Spelt sold for $32.00 so all in all it did pretty good. This was a duel purpose bread with the MH on them it was for Massey Harris and if you turned them upside down it was HW short for Henry Wallis.

Here is a picture of the bread right out of the oven and then another picture of the display on the table at the meeting. I put several pictures showing what the spelt fields look like and your machine you run it through after combineing it so the people could get a better feel of just how much work goes into spelt grain. Not shocking there were many people that had no idea what spelt was and have never heard of it before just like myself the first time you introduced me to it.

One thing I have learned with this whole experience is that I am not a fast cook and I am not a slow cook but I am a half-fast cook.