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MalcolmRobinson - (7/8/2013 1:08:35 PM)
RE:Cast Iron M-H Memorabilia

It looks like your Bear has done a "runner" like a few more Bears at the moment, Cub 1624 is nearing completion and the guy finishing it thought it had never seen it's Bear for a many years, so produced him a copy of the Yuma photographs and it was on there when it left AZ, so mine has done a "runner" to the foundry so he can see "where he is heading"


When I read your post many days ago I got my book out and the prfix "E" is for "Engines" with "large" in brackets, so I was expectting to see a piece from a large gas engine, well looking at your photograph I can't think where that would fit on an engine? it almost looks like a shin wearing piece of a plough? as you know they were prefixed "P" so just wondering if it is a casting flaw on the letter??? is the E clear Alan?
Another very nice piece of cast iron Massey memorabilia.