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MasseyH - (4/25/2013 9:19:40 PM)
RE:Cast Iron M-H Memorabilia

It is kind of crazy all the information collectors are learning from the website.  I would still have my Black & Decker drill sitting in a basket somewhere if it were not for your sharing the MH connection on it.  It quickly got cleaned up and came into the Massey Room!!  (I might have to post it on the barn equipment thread!)

The vises are in the same boat.  I just figured I had two MH vises.  I even offered one to sell one to one of our favorite collectors here in Indiana.  Guess I need to take that offer off the table!!

Can you share anymore info about the dates of the vises and the variations.  It looks like some of the bodies on your vises are somewhat tapered.  Are they or is it just a picture disception.  Mine are both box or square bodied.

Thanks for continuing to enlighten us all. 


I even let Drew handle the details of differences on the green and yellow stuff so it is not a carryover!!