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MalcolmRobinson - (2/27/2013 3:00:28 AM)
RE:Wallis Cub Photograph Dated 1912
Thanks Joe,  that is great information you have turned up on the Buller Coupler fitted to the Cub's, so from that my tractor was not used for threshing and must of been pulling a plow and breaking sod together with other farm work in the wide open space of Montana during it's working life. It would be so nice to know more of our tractors history, so much gets lost over the period of time.

Well you always find a bargain in MN Joe, I have not made it to Le Sueur swap meet yet, but intend to one of these years and I bet when I do get there I will walk round all day and find NOTHING. I know both Tom and yourself have found a few interesting Wallis items there over the years.

I look forward to checking out the Cub Junior Buller Coupler next time we visit you for strawberries and cream!!!