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JoePoncelet - (2/27/2013 1:14:50 PM)
RE:Wallis Cub Photograph Dated 1912

Alot of this early picture stuff just don't make sence as we have found in the past. Like the picture of the Cub jr on the cover of your brochure (First Picture) with the two hand holes close together.

I did some searching on the Ancona company and it seems to keep bringing up boats alot Could this be a boat engine as that is what the Wallis Cub engine was based off.

Also when searching stuff for Wallis for some reason the state of Kansas seems to pop up alot. I think the Wallis tractor was very popular in Kansas years ago and when they could not get parts they needed or get the people at the Wallis factory to cooperate with them they took things into their own hands.

Here is a picture of a Sellers motor car made in Hutchinson, Kansas, it is refered to as the Sellers 35 as the top speed was 35 mph. Take a close look at the engine, sure looks like the one stuffed into the Cub Jr. Could it be possible that the picture in your brochure was taken in Kansas?

I think we need to do some more research on this one.