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MalcolmRobinson - (10/25/2012 8:02:57 AM)
Massey Harris Stoves.
Part of my Massey trip across the pond this year was to leave The National Show in Baraboo early Sunday morning and drive into Canada to collect a Massey Harris Stove which I bought in a house clearance auction in May.

I left Baraboo at 3.00am and drove to Brandon, Manitoba, with only gas and food stops along the way, arriving 935 miles later around 6.00pm and stayed with friends, the next morning we drove to Indian Head, Saskatchewan to collect the stove pictured below which had been bought new from the local M-H dealer and installed in the home and used by two generations of the family. 
Here it started it's long journey to A*****er Minnesota, where it joined Steve Miller's M-H Superior cooking range for a few days before we packed it well for shipping to England, after eight days on the ship it is here in Lincolnshire and already cleaned up and ready to be put in position in my collection, some suggest it should be used for "Massey Heat" especially with the high rising oil costs here.