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MalcolmRobinson - (2/14/2013 11:02:48 AM)
RE:Massey Harris Stoves.
With being "off the air" here for almost two weeks has delayed getting the latest activity in Lincolnshire across to you all, I suppose the plus side of not being on the website is I had more time to get some projects finalised and what better than forwarding the stove project. 

Saturday February 3rd was the day to get the chimney through the roof and experience the first lighting of the M-H stove in true ceremony style with a M-F match from a part used matchbook in my collection. It was an amazing experience to see the first smoke pour from the chimney and quickly the sticks and dry seasoned ash and hawthorn logs burned brightly with an immense amount of heat, which was most welcomed on a very cold day.
I must say it was an amazing moment for me to warm my hands over the top of a "Massey - Harris" stove, then opening the doors to let even more heat out into the room, I sat back in my Grand father's arm chair and lot's of Massey Memories were flooding through my mind of my fathers conversations over the years of "all things Massey", I am the third generation of the Robinson family involvment with Massey and hopefully Stuart will take it forward iinto the next generation.

Enjoy the photo's as I am sure you will not see many Massey Harris stoves in action, if there are then let's see the photo's.

Great to be back on here.