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johnfarnworth - (2/27/2013 7:09:34 AM)
RE:Massey Harris Stoves.

The language is French and one of the easiest to learn so away you go on night classes!  No doubt it is Canadian French.

But the French connection is very relevant.  The real France is only 22 miles across the English Channel from us and of course they had M-H factories making tractors and implements.  A word of caution tho' - French food can be quite interesting but the French tend to smother everything in sauces so warn Malcolm in advance - I don't think this will be to his taste.

However the "madamemoiselle" in the photo might be.  She would look good by the MH stove, an MH washing machine, MH refrigerator or even turning the MH cream separator handle for YOU!

So we leave it in your capable hands to organise the setting up of this Massey restaurant with French lady waitresses at Steve's for the next time we are all over there.