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MalcolmRobinson - (1/3/2014 2:45:39 AM)
RE:Massey's around the UK Shows in 2013.
Browsing round my sheds on New Years morning reminded me of our recent discussion on here about the hitches supplied new with the M-H grain binders, here is the one which was supplied new with our M-H binder and spent a lot of time bolted onto my dad's M-H 12-20, it has been on the shelf for as long as I can remember.
It just shows how valuable this website is, I have looked at this piece for almost 50 years and remember hearing from my dad what it was one day when I was going to toss it into the scrap bin in the 70's, he soon told me to keep it, for another 30 years I have admired it and now only just got to talking about it through the power of the internet and global communication.

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