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JoePoncelet - (3/8/2014 6:08:19 AM)
RE:Massey's around the UK Shows in 2013.

Thanks for posting the pictures of the show. I really think that MF 8737 is a Awesome looking muscle tractor!! It is truly a very good looking tractor in my eyes!! I really love the body style and the stance, I cold sit and look at it all day long... I would love to buy one new (if I had the money) and tuck it away in the shed for 50 years and then take it out and park it next to the new 2064 models and compare the differences....It would be like parking this tractor next to an 1100 series tractor from the 60s, wow how things have changed!! Back then they were very proud to be around 100 HP and now this tractor is 400 HP are we going to be looking at a tractor of 1,600 HP in the year 2064?

The one big problem with doing this is I would have to remove 8 Wallis tractors from my shed just to make room to put it, also I would have to possibly raise the door jam just to get it in the shed..  I bet that was quite a challenge for the truck driver to get that tractor to the show there with your narrow roads did they remove the wheels and put them back on once they got it there? I see by looking at the picture it was well looked over when you look at the floor you can see it is almost shiny from the people walking around it like cows in a pasture going around an old piece of used equipment or feeder.

I just wonder what the future holds in terms of size of equipment? If it gets much bigger size wise I don't know how they are even going to get the machines to the fields.