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JoePoncelet - (3/7/2012 11:52:22 AM)
RE:Massey-Harris Wrenches

That is a Sleeve puller / Rear wheel puller, the pillow block should have the number 2350T on it and the discs should have the number 2441T and the shaft should be 2442T. Only the pillow block # 2350T part is used for pulling the rear wheels off.

I don't know if the numbers are actually stamped on some of the pieces but if you take a steel brush to your pillow block you should at least find the 2350T number cast into it.

Here is a picture of the pillow block that I have, this is used for pulling the sleeves and also pulling the rear wheels off the tractor.

I scaned these pages from the Wallis book # 24 parts list of tools, Notice part # 3762T I assume this is the hand held tool box?? Have you ever saw one?? Also lists the hammer,punches, wrenches and even the wood blocks for supporting the puller have numbers. I don't know how many tools were actually stamped with the numbers on or not but here is at least something to go by