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JoePoncelet - (3/23/2012 4:33:16 PM)
RE:Massey-Harris Wrenches

Wow! That is one great looking cake!! Quite a masterpiece can almost taste it just looking at it!!

You will be pleased to know I believe I have found the solution to the "Cream" problem in America. The next time some one has plans to come my way to visit, just give me a couple days notice so I can fix them up with some Berries and "Cream" Minnesota style when they arrive.


I was digging in a tool box on one of my GP's and found what I believe is an original Oil Pressure adjusting wrench. There is supposed to be two wrenches to adjust the oil pressure one to loosen the locking nut (this wrench I found) and one to tighten the pressure against the spring and ball. The book lists this wrench as # H 2268 this one appears to be missing the handle or possibly this is the way it was made. The other wrench that goes with this is # H 2255 it is a T handle style wrench.

I also found a spark plug wrench in the box with # T 2178 This does not jive with any numbers in the book but it could possibly be from another tractor because it starts with "T" don't know if it is Massey or not, What do you think?