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johnfarnworth - (6/11/2012 1:59:08 PM)
REhMassey-Harris Wrenches
Today Alan called in to see me and my collection for the day.  He was on his way across to Ireland on holiday.  A solid day of Massey talk resulted culminating with a great evening meal in a local pub where we duly treated our better halves for their tolerance!

Besides seeing my collection a principal objective of his visit was to look in detail at the Massey spanners (wrenches!) that I had collected over the years.  It seems I have qute a few he had not come across and he was busy photographing them.

He has done a lot of prepartory work in pulling together a comprehensive listing of Massey spanners and his ultimate objective of preparing a document or book on the subject has clearly taken off but he still has a long way to go to track them all down.  It is a truly Herculean task which can only be achieved with a lot of effort and over a considerable period of time.

He does need contacts and information and photos of spanners so I would encourage all out there to try and help him with photos and infos and contacts for people who have spanner collections.  I would particularly ask if Australian and S African MH enthusiasts can help as Alan wants to give a comprehensive world wide coverage to the subject as far as is practically possible