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MasseyH - (7/5/2013 7:53:53 PM)
Illinois State Show
Looks like the Illinois State Massey Show is shaping up to be a good one!!  Lots of tractors, implements and memorabilia on display.  Of course, Harry & Diana Bowen our the gracious hosts pproviding a great venue at their BP Truck & Auto Station.  Lots of visitors already enjoying what they see!!

Probably one of the nicest displays is Tom Jansens freshly restored Wallis sitting in front of Harrys Pulverizer plow freshly restored as well.  Both are gray and red and almost match perfectly.

We will post some pictures when we can.


Here are the pics as promised!! (Thanks Brended!!) 

#1 A nicely restored Wallis owned by the Jansen family.  The pulverizer plow was recently restored by Harry Bowen (Our gracious host!)

#2 A beautiful 25 again restored by the Jansens

#3 A recently restored #22 with a cotton planter mounted on cultivators.  This was totally restored by Duane Lillie of Rockford, IL.

#4 Harry Bowen's 44 with a nice 4 row front maounted cultivator.

#5 And yes the Massey family had a impact on the entire community.  Even the churches welcomed us!!