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jwb53 - (7/11/2013 8:33:54 PM)
RE:MF 4840
Steve, have you actually been over to the sale site and looked closely at the 4840?  I talked to the auctioneer this evening.  He only descrived it as a "solid tractor", and he gave me the number of the owner and suggested I talk directly to him.  I have not been able to make that connection.  They also posted a different photo now on the auction website.  Looks like the inside front tires are pretty much worn out.  Wish I could see the inside of the cab, and a shot from the rear of the condition of the 3-point hitch.

Thanks for the offer to keep it at your place on the very outside chance I would actually buy it...  The next challenge would be figuring out how to get it home...

There are so many way more practical (and easier to haul) Massey tractors out there that I could be spending my money on......