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Tseaberg - (8/4/2013 4:14:19 PM)
Althought this is not a Challenger it is pretty close. I bought this Pacemaker last week and picked it up on friday. It is a fairly new 1937 model with a serial number of 109194. We spant several hours this weekend working on getting it back into running order and fixing some issues. I had a fresh rebuilt U4 Bosch magneto to install on it along with a new mag drive system since the original was modified to work with that big Case mag somebody thought would be good on here. The oiling system cause us some trouble but we finally tracked it down to a sheared key on the oil pump drive shaft. I made a new key for it and then it held 25 pounds of oil.So now it runs pretty good with great power and no smoke! I need to buy a new manifold for it and fix the carburetor to solve some of the idling issues it has. Overall a pretty decent tractor.

All of my pictures from today came out pretty fuzzy because I must have had a little oil on it or something! So these are when it first came home on friday.