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johnfarnworth - (12/12/2013 6:52:20 AM)

I wouldn't worry about a cracked hub.  If you think about it the hub is held very, very rigidly by the six  very sturdy attachment studs.  I believe that the cracks are due to stress in the casting.

I have two CHs with such fractures in the hub.  The first belonged to my great uncle and was defintley used extensivley with the fracture towing a large heavy Jones Lion baler with 4 wheel bale trailer for many seasons.

The second came about when I bought a pair of very good (like new) tip toe steels to put on my red CH.  I was carrying them on my fork lift and they slipped off from only a low height and one fractured.  I have however fitted it to the tractor and driven it and all is OK.  I figured that for it to happen under such low impact circumstances that it must have been pent up casting stress.  But I was so annoyed at this happening that I had my blacksmith make me a very robust band to put round the hub to protect it but in all honesty I don't think it is necessary.  Hope this shows up OK on the photo.