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Tseaberg - (12/16/2013 8:26:39 PM)
That is a very interesting pacemaker / challenger combination!

I just got home from Montana Yesterday so now I have some time to look at the new post's. If you can get the number off of the frame or confirm if the challenger serial number is the one on the frame also.

The one big question I have is in the rear platform area. it definitely looks like a bunch of orchard parts but the rear irons that go from the drawbar to the rear end do no look like any other orchard I have seen. I would also like to know the measurement from the platform to somewhere on the rear end casting so I can compare with mine because I am thinking the platform on your tractor is slightly higher than most orchards I have seen. In the parts book for the PA they do list part numbers for a regular pacemaker with turning brakes as an option that appears to be a different setup than the orchards but I have not seen one yet. Thanks!