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MasseyH - (1/1/2014 8:38:14 PM)
RE:Massey signs
Well Santa was pretty go to me!!  This sign was on my back door step on December 26!  Here is the story on this nice original sign:

Allegedly, this sign was found in the attic of a Massey Harris dealership in France.  It was never hung by the dealership and eventually found its way to the Netherlands.  I had met several people from the Netherlands last summer and they shared my Massey passion with another individual in the Netherlands.  He contacted me and of  course I said YES!!!

It was shipped from the Netherlands through Germany, New Jersey, Louisville, Indianapolis and to Danville.

The second pic is the trademark in the lower right hand corner.

Definitely not a repaint - totally original.  And will be a nice addition to my man-barn!!

Special thanks goes to my wife for allowing me to dust it off and take some pictures of in her kitchen!!  (About the only thing Massy in the house).  Maybe we can use it as a table until spring!!!