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MalcolmRobinson - (2/17/2014 5:55:38 AM)
RE:Massey signs
John recently posted his red and cream quite common square British Dealer tin sign, note the <M-H> in the centre is painted red.
One day whilst at an auction I looked at a M-H sign and quickly passed as the condition looked grim to me, something called me back when it was being sold and I bought it very cheaply thinking it was just a poor example of what I already had in my collection. When back home it was put in the shed and not even looked at, one day I thoguht I had better put it on the wall and securing it in place realised it was different and the colours were reversed to the common sign, so here are two side by side, if it did have cream on at one time then it is all gone now, but interesting to note the difference on the <M-H> and outer lettering.