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LKA44 - (9/1/2013 5:08:06 PM)
Hi,All you massey lovers.Dont know where to start,Well i will start with my dad bless his sole he passed in 1990.He started farming with horses then he got a 1936 challenger from there came the 30 it was a 1948-49 used it to plant .And a 1952 44 Thats is in my garage.It was used to do all the hard work.My grampa was the counter man at JA Miller & sons in wakarusa.My uncle,cousin    and five of my frends it was a greate Massey dealer ship.My brother got the farm from grampa farmed it for a while then rented it out.His dreams of farming it again never came about.He turn 59 on 12-29-2012 passed on 1-12-13.We had an auction to pay his bills,I got some of the old farming equipment.The 1155 Massey on my avatar was his.Going to restore the 44.See ya Lyle