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MalcolmRobinson - (10/9/2013 6:46:34 AM)
RE:Jim Erdle Auction - New York
                                    "WHERE WAS ALL THE MASSEY COLLECTORS"

Getting back to England after the Massey Expo gave me three weeks of work and then time to get back on the plane and into New York, the drive out to Canandaigua took me through Binghamton, where I decided to stay overnight, again another town with Massey history that no one in the hotel or restaurant seemed to have any knowledge of.

Then it was onto the preview day for the Jim Erdle auction, arriving early afternoon in beautiful sunshine and unfortunatley with a bad back from the plane ride, it was an interesting afternoon, there seemed to be more collectors there from England than locals on view day.

After seeing the collection tightly squeezed into buildings whilst at the Massey Expo at Canandaigua two years ago I decided if there was ever an auction I would be back to see all the tractors out on view.

As the three day sale worked through it was a fantastic auction and experience, BUT WHERE WAS ALL THE MASSEY COLLECTORS? I run into Dennis and Susie Roundy and that was all the Massey Collectors I chatted with, so a good job I have interests in other makes.
Where was you Gary?, I had taken the trouble to get the Jersey cream through Customs and into The Holiday Inn Express, so was waiting for you bringing the strawberries, as you did not show up I had to go across the street and buy some from the grocery store, didn't want to waste the cream after all the efforts.

All I can say is you all missed a once in a lifetime experience at the auction, I was pleased to see Susie carrying around a few treasured Wallis items also the Wiard truck and wheels which I saw in the weeds have gone to a good home together with the plow.

I will post some photographs shortly.