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MalcolmRobinson - (10/10/2013 1:32:41 AM)
RE:Jim Erdle Auction - New York
Here is a glimpse of some of the Massey related tractors from the Saturday auction, we did appreciate the tent with chairs and everything sold from the big screen, as the rain poured down outside, it also made moving of the tractors a little tricky later in the day and during Sunday.

Here are photographs of the Big Bull serial number 7775, it was a very good tractor and sold for $45,000
The Sawyer Massey 20-40 with no serial number had not been touched for years and required some work to bring back to life, the Maddison Kipp oiler box was missing, it sold very well at $90,000
Two other Sawyer Massey 11-22 tractors were major restortation projects, the later model serial number 5104 is one number apart from the 11-22 here in England owned by Bob Parke, it made $23,000 the other older model 11-22 sold well at $13,000 and I beleive both these went to the same home in MN.

Also note Kurt Aumann was charging a 5%buyers premium on top of the bid price, plus another 5% for credit card payments, so that was a factor in calculating your bid price.
Jim Erdle was offering a financing package for purchasers with stage payments and 0% interest, I am sure this would be beneficial option for some buyers.