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MalcolmRobinson - (10/10/2013 1:55:30 AM)
RE:Jim Erdle Auction - New York
There was two Massey Harris No 2 tractors in the Saturday sale, the first one sold was the repainted one which has been seen in various publications and on a calendar in recent years, the Buda engine block looked like it had been cracked with frost and filled with body filler before painting, the paintwork now well mellowed it made a respectful $45,000

The last lot of the days sale was the No 2 project tractor which looked like it had been robbed of parts to restore the first one, in the sale photo's the cylinder head was missing, on the sale day it had been found and placed on the tractor, over the years the radiator had been replaced with a none original type, but this tractor has great potential and sold realistlicly at $18,000 and I understand it is now well on the way to be running soon.