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Tseaberg - (10/10/2013 8:30:21 AM)
RE:Jim Erdle Auction - New York
Thanks for all the pictures Malcolm!
I would have liked to fly out to the sale but I just decided to stay home and work so I can pay for the next purchase.

all three sawyer massey's I guess are in Minnesota. Last weekend I made it to albany and checked out the two little ones there. They have started to work on them this weekend and as of last night both engines are out and taken apart. The second one did have the serial  plate in a 5 gallon bucket of parts broken in three pieces. It was quite the bucket of parts. Several spare SM parts and at the bottom a few #2 pieces. And as luck would have it we just had those cast so I didn't need them anymore.

My friend bought me the wallis k block on the sale since I needed a spare for one of my projects but I guess after the sale and before the truck got there to haul it home somebody decided they needed it more than I so if anybody hears anything I would really like to find it. Serial number I think was 15084. It seems there must be a wallis curse at aumann auctions of wallis stuff disappearing or getting damaged before pickup I'm glad it wasn't a whole tractor like last year!