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MalcolmRobinson - (10/11/2013 4:20:01 AM)
RE:Jim Erdle Auction - New York
Sorry to hear your story on the Wallis K engine block Tom, we all know it is the buyers responsibility at the drop of the hammer, unfortunately a lot of the trust we used to have amongst collectors seems to be slipping away, very sad world.

Well Gary sorry to hear of your "priority change" you certainly missed an experience of interest, anyone with a glimmer of interest in early old iron of all makes and sizes found it an exceptional auction in Canandaigua. I have only posted photographs of the Massey related tractors on here, but they were only a very small part of this huge auction of "very rare" and "one of a kind" tractor, it was great to see them all out in the field.

With regard to the strawberries and cream, they were delicious and the only thing I should of done, was to mail you the empty carton!!!!!!
Missing that opportunity now you will have to wait until your next visit across the pond to experience the thick Jersey cream.