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IL plowman - (11/3/2013 9:25:06 PM)
RE:Massey plows (ploughs)
My wife agrees with you about plowing matches being slow moving and boring! Your comment about relevance to current agricultural practice and production is also accurate. This has been debated in some reviews I've seen back into the 1920's. The rules used in international competition allow all of the activities that you dislike, and I also agree with your opinion on those. Keep the rules simple and the judging fair and watch the politics and big money go away.

It's my belief that any sport, event or gathering that encourages and promotes the ag equipment hobby or helps preserve the farm heritage is worthwhile and adds value and a point of entry to the hobby as a whole.  

I hope that you might agree that while some of us may currently find more enjoyment in an activity like plowing or steam power or tractor pulls (something I haven't even seen mentioned on this site), over a spit and shine event, it certainly doesn't mean that we can't, don't or won't ever appreciate the same areas of the hobby as you.

Time to get off my soapbox now.  Just had to get that off my mind!